RedTide is an italian company headquartered in Gravellona Toce.
Born in 2011, specialized in electronic components distribution for the production of industrial electronic devices.

Our main focus is about offering support for obsolete parts supply, like passive and active components, ICs and rare items, reducing the research time for our customers and optimizing buying times.

Our partnerships with international suppliers and the opportunity to rely on global parthners, make us a quick and safe solution for electronic parts trading, with competitive prices.

All the parts that we sell, are subject to careful quality control, both physically and via datasheet; our system ensures, by components photographic archive, a complete item tracking.

The average delivery time from 5 to 10 working days, or with planned deliveries within 6 months by order, allowing our customers to better manage their purchases.

We also evaluate the withdrawal of excess stock, providing il logistics and disposal costs.

RedTide supports the custome in all stages of the purchase, from technical consulting to post-sales service.