With the present document, within the meaning of articles. 13 And 122 of the D. Legislative Decree 196/2003 ( so-called "privacy Code" ), as well as in accordance with the general measure of the Guarantor privacy of May 8, 2014, Redtide of Pittarello Claudia, holder of the treatment, provides users of the site some information regarding the cookies used.
What are cookies

A "cookie" is a small text file created on the user's computer at the moment it accesses a given site, with the purpose of storing and exchanging information. Cookies are sent from a web server (which is the computer that is running the visited web site) to your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. ) and stored on your computer of the latter; are, therefore, re-sent to the web site at the time of subsequent visits.

In the course of browsing the user might receive on its terminal also cookies at different sites (so-called cookies to "third party" ), set directly by managers of such web sites and used for the purposes and in accordance with the conditions laid down therein.

Types of cookie used by

The site uses cookies only to ensure and facilitate the navigation and use of web site and to collect information, in aggregate form, on visits to the site and content sharing. Instead are not in any way used cookie for profiling purposes, and this also with reference to installation, through this website, third-party cookies that could from these be used, in an entirely autonomous way, for their purposes of profiling.

Cookie of the Holder

The site only uses cookies technicians, with respect to which, within the meaning of Art. 122 Of the privacy code and the measure of the Guarantor of the May 8, 2014, no consent is required on the part of the concerned.

More precisely, the site uses:
PHPSESSID: cookie technical/session cookie. Has a duration of 1 year and is used to establish a user session and to communicate the data on the state through a temporary cookie;

_LGLAW: cookie technical/persistent cookie. Has a duration of 1 year. Stores the choice of the visitor to agree the use of cookies);
_VIDEODESK: cookie technician allows the operation of the interface of on-line help. Has a duration of 1 year;

videodesk: cookie technician allows the operation of the interface of on-line help. Has a duration of 1 year;
_UNAM: cookie technician. Duration 9 months. It is used by the service ShareThis and allows you to use the buttons to share on each page of the web site to share content on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The cookie "_UNAM" monitors web pages views, navigation and time spent on each page. The ShareThis service identifies you personally only if you are registered separately with ShareThis, if you have given your consent.

Our site does not use cookies to profiling, however third-party services, used for sharing functionality or specific plug-in can make use of them. In this regard, we invite you to read the paragraph on cookies to third parties and inform you about respective usage policies.

Cookie from Google Analytics that provide reports in aggregate form, for example: frequency with which users visit the pages of the sites, how long you remain, the number of visitors of the sites in a time interval, which pages they visited, how many are returned and where they came from, what search phrases are used to find the website, how many came from search engines ect. Cookies of Google Analytics are _GA, _GAT, (serve, specifically, to provide statistical data, anonymous and aggregated in relation to the navigation mode on all pages of the site).


- Can refer to the privacy policy of the company Google Inc. on the Google Analytics, to link;
- To refuse the use of cookies to Google Analytics, as indicated on the site of Google to link, must change the configuration of your browser by downloading the add-on to the deactivation of the JavaScript for Google Analytics to link;

What is Google Analytics.

This is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ( "Google") that uses cookies which are deposited on the user's computer to allow statistical analysis in aggregate form in order to use the web site visited.
The data generated from Google Analytics are preserved by Google as indicated in Information can be found at the following link:;

To refer to the privacy policy of the company Google Inc. , owner of self-treatment of data relating to the service Google Analytics, please visit the Web page

It should be noted that it is enabled the function of anonymisation IP provided by Google.
At the following link there is a browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics.
Social buttons are those special "buttons" on the site depicting the icons of social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) and allow users who are browsing to interact with a "click" directly with the social platforms.

The social buttons used by the site are the links that refer back to the account of the holder on a social network shown. Through the use of these buttons are not therefore installed third-party cookies. It is reported the link where the user can take vision of the privacy policy relating to the management of data by Social where buttons relate to:;;;
This Site incorporates the widget of Twitter and this service involves the installation of cookies, even profiling, from part of Twitter, Inc. No information is shared from the site where the widget is embedded. For more information, also on how to disable these cookies, it is recommended that you consult the following links:;;

Mode of the treatment

The treatment is carried out with automated tools by the holder. There is no diffusion or communication.

Bestowal of the data

With the exception of cookies technicians strictly necessary to the normal navigation, the conferment of data is returned to the will of the person who decides to navigate on the site after having taken vision of the short information contained in the appropriate banner and also enjoy the services that involve the installation of a cookie.

The person concerned can then avoid the installation of cookies while maintaining the banner (refraining from then close it by clicking on the button "ok" ), as well as through the special features available on your browser.

Disabling the cookie:

Without prejudice to the foregoing indicated in order to cookies strictly necessary for navigation, the user can eliminate the other cookies through the functionality for this purpose made available by holder via the present information or directly through your browser.

Each browser has different procedures for the management of settings. The user can obtain specific instructions through the links below.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

- the deactivation of third-party cookies and also possible through the mode made available directly from the company third holder of the said treatment, as indicated the links in the paragraph "third-party cookies"

- to have information about cookies stored on your terminal and disable them individually refers to the link:;